'Ten Minutes Late for Reality' by Lou Morris (c) 1988, 1989, 1991, 2002, 2015. Fifty:


   "Mr. Way Rilliams?  No, I'm sorry; he's not in right
now...  No, I think he's walking around the park, inspecting
things.  Who is this and can I take a message?"

                                 - A phone conversation with
the personal secretary of
the general manager of
Generic Corporation's
Death Adventure.

   "A-ha!  I found you!" they cried in unison.
   They, of course, being The Dead Eye and Kaye-Boom.
   "No, I found you!" they both cried again.
   "How could you've found me?" The Dead Eye complained as
he lifted himself off the counter that he had been crumpled
upon just a few moments ago.  He glared into the eyes of his
nemesis--the man who had somehow foiled his plans to rule the
planet Moss and now wanted to foil his plans of ruling this
planet--the fiery wizard Kaye-Boom.  "How do you know it's
   Kaye-Boom took a step closer to the counter on which The
Dead Eye sat.  He glared into his eye (the normal one--the
other being far too discontenting to look at) and smiled a
"Now I've got you" smile.  He was not pissed.  He was, in
fact, only doing this as a small favor to all of mankind,
mostly because he didn't have anything else better to do.  "I
don't know..."  He scratched his head, just in show.  "Maybe
it's... nay, it couldn't be that.  Well, maybe... hmn...
SHIELD!!!" he screamed, not mad but just making his point.
   "Well, you don't have to scream it," Corbin moaned.  "I'm
not deaf you know... My name isn't The Dead Ear."
   "I don't care who found who, or who's got the biggest
eye--just get off my counter!" Mary yelled from inside her
game booth, Milk Can.  "You're scaring all my customers
   Both The Dead Eye and Kaye-Boom turned to look at the
young wench that dared to scream at them.
   "Yeah, you!"  She pointed a finger at the two of them.  
"If you want to fight..." she said, staring the both of them
in the face, "Do it over there."  She gestured to a spot
about twenty feet away, in the approximate center of the
Games circle, away from most of the hustle and bustle of the
game playing people.
   They both glanced at the spot and nodded approvingly.  
More than enough room to hold a semi-major battle, they
thought, and with the circle of game booths surrounding it,
the spot offered superior places of hiding lest the battle
start to go in the other direction.
   "Winner gets to kill her..." The Dead Eye whispered to
Kaye-Boom as they walked over towards the upcoming battle
   Kaye-Boom laughed as he took his place on the opposite
edge of the circle.  "Good sense of humor!" he yelled across
the circle to his enemy.  "Prepare to die laughing!"
   That caused a few chuckles from the crowd of guests and
tourists, some in costumes, that swarmed near the many game
booths around the circle's perimeter, eager to watch some
entertainment.  The funnier the better.  And with a costumed
fire-wizard and a scummy geek with a huge left eye, it should
be one funny fight.
   Mary also let out a smile as she sat on her counter,
preparing to see the upcoming fist fight, which, she thought,
would hopefully cheer her up.  If it wasn't for all the
fights on busy days, she would've changed departments long
ago.  Probably to Rides but she wasn't sure.  She fondled the
burnt softball as she hoped for lots of blood and gore.
   "As soon as I change into myself, that is," The Dead Eye
said as his dead eye began to slowly grow outward again.  It
was now the size of an overinflated beach ball--about twice
the size as the rest of Corbin's head.  It dripped strange
yucky fluids onto the cobblestone pavement below, making a
sticky mess for the Death Adventure Grounds personnel to
clean up.
   "What?" Kaye-Boom asked incredulously.  "Ye want me... to
give you some time... so you can change forms?"
   "Righty-ho!"  The Dead Eye nodded in agreement.
   "Aw, come on, dude!" Corbin pleaded.  Just a few more
minutes, he thought.  Then I can really kick as--
   "Stop whining and fight!" Mary yelled to the both of
them, but mainly at Corbin.  "Or are you chicken?"  She
started to make clucking sounds from her seat on the counter.
   The Dead Eye sneered at Mary then resumed his plea.  
"Please; you wouldn't want to fight a defenseless dude like
me, would you?" he asked hopefully, hoping to bide some
additional time.
   Kaye-Boom cracked his knuckles, the sound of burning
leaves.  He nodded his balding but burning head with a smile,
"Yes, I would."  The cloudy night contrasted with the burning
embers in his fiery eyes.  "It is time for you to die."
   The Dead Eye jokingly looked at Corbin's watch.  "No it
   Mary clucked some more.  "Chicken!  What's the matter;
afraid of dying?" she taunted.
   "But I'm already dead!  That's why they call me The Dead
Eye!"  He smiled, knowing in less than a minute, he would
transform from this gawkish body into his true and final
form--The Dead Eye.  The cloudy night sky hid the blackness
of his normal, soulless eye.  "See the connection?"
   "Not really..." was the reply from most of the audience.
   "I didn't ask you!" The Dead Eye retorted, trying to draw
more time as would a man asked to make his last request.
   "Medium rare or well done?" Kaye-Boom asked, eager to
start cooking, literally.
   "Just hold your domestic farm animals a second, dude,"
The Dead Eye said while trying to focus his dead eye on
Kaye-Boom.  Now his eye had about the same circumference as
an average sized spare tire and was growing by the second,
squirting and oozing all the way.  Plainly said:  Ick!  "How
can I fight ya when I can hardly see ya?"
   "That's your problem!" Mary curtly remarked, still
watching the almost fight.  She grabbed a stuffed kangaroo
and hugged it gleefully.
   "Prepare to die, fiend!" Kaye-Boom screamed, as he
unleashed a small pouch from the folds of his fiery robes.
   "How so?" The Dead Eye nonchalantly asked.
   "By Multiple Meteors!"  He withdrew ten volcanic red
marbles from the tiny bag.  He juggled them with both hands,
smiling broadly.
   The growing crowd cheered, though mostly because of
Kaye-Boom's juggling act.
   "You don't scare this dude!"  Corbin rubbed his dead eye
once again, hoping to hurry it up a bit.  Multiple Meteors?
he thought; I wish this transformation would get a move on.  
He shuddered and began to sweat uncontrollably.  "What's
Multiple Meteors, anyway?" he asked finally.
   "Oh, a neat trick, really..." Kaye-Boom explained.  "I
throw these small balls at you.  As they leave my hand, they
become miniature balls of fire which speed towards their
   "And then what?" The Dead Eye asked, desperately biding
   For some reason, Mary tossed her stuffed animal back into
the game and stood up, almost as if she had just seen her
boss walk by.
   "And they continue on until they hit something."  
Kaye-Boom smiled and added, "Or someone."  He fondled the
little red marbles gently.  "Then they explode like the
breath of a sun on a hot day."
   "That's nice," The Dead Eye said.  It wasn't very nice,
he thought.  His eye grew another few inches.
   "Now it's time for you to die!" Kaye-Boom yelled as he
drew back his right hand, aiming for the foul fiend.
   "Didn't you already say that?" The Dead Eye retorted,
hoping to mess up Kaye-Boom's aim.  He stood his ground, not
knowing where to run or where to hide.
   Kaye-Boom launched the ten fiery balls towards their
intended target, The Dead Eye.  Or at least Kaye-Boom would
have if some person didn't choose to grab him by the
shoulders instead.
   The marbles, once free from Kaye-Boom's hand, sprung to
the air in massive disarray, much like throwing an open bag
of peanuts to the floor.
   Ten miniature fireballs took flight to their unintended
targets... in several different directions.