'Ten Minutes Late for Reality' by Lou Morris (c) 1988, 1989, 1991, 2002, 2015. Forty:


   "Welcome to Clown Around!  It's only one dollar to play;
place your money on the counter in front of you.  Aim the
water gun at the clown's mouth.  First water balloon to burst
will be the winner!"

                                 - The Death Adventure game
that Kaye-Boom definitely
did not play.

   Kaye-Boom smiled at the cute wench in the carnival stall.  
She smiled back so he walked over to converse with her.
   "Wanna play?" the wench asked, holding up a round ball.
   "Play what?" Kaye-Boom asked.  He looked around the
stand, frowning at the stuffed animals.
   "Oh, God.  I hate tourists," Mary muttered under her bad
breath.  She then explained louder, "You take this softball,"
handing it to Kaye-Boom, "and you toss it into the hole of
one of these milk cans.  Then you win a big prize."  She
smiled as if Kaye-Boom were an idiot.
   Kaye-Boom frowned back.  He looked at the softball.  It
was hard as a rock.  This girl must be daft, he thought.  He
began to get second thoughts about his plan to acquire
knowledge on this strange land from her.
   Mary snatched back the ball.  "But first you gotta give
me a buck to play," she said, then adding, "And no, you can't
have any practice shots."
   "A buck?" Kaye-Boom said, frowning deeper.  "I don't
carry any deer."  He dug something out of his fire resistant
belt pouch.  "How about a gold piece?  Is this good enough?"
he asked, handing Mary an authentic gold piece.
   She took the coin and eyed it carefully.  It looked real,
as far as she could tell, which wasn't very far.  She bit it.  
It tasted real as far as she couldn't tell.
   Kaye-Boom stared at her as she bit the coin once more.  
What is this wench doing?  Bitting gold coins?  She must be
thy nut.  Forget all about borrowing some memories from this
wench, he told himself, she'd probably just give me a big
   After a careful gold bullion analysis, Mary pocketed the
gold coin.  "Okay," she said, "Go ahead and play, but you
won't win.  Nobody ever does; why do you think we give away
such big stuffed animals?"  She smiled at the poor sucker,
dressed like a clown.
   Kaye-Boom frowned at the poor wench.  He definitely did
not like anyone telling him what he couldn't do.
   Mary held up a big stuffed dragon with bright purple
wings and a long red tail.  Fluffy pink flames were sewn into
its snout--a miniature fire breathing lizard.  "See this?  
You won't win it.  No one ever does.  The ball doesn't even
fit into the hole without a big push.  Say goodbye to your
fake gold money, weirdo," she blurted, bursting with
   Kaye-Boom smiled, held the softball out in front of
him--right in Mary's face--and then tossed it back over his
   Mary's eyes loop-de-looped as they followed the now
flaming ball.  It swung a few lazy circles around Kaye-Boom,
hung in front of Mary for a few seconds, zipped into the game
area itself, hovered over the milk can, then slowly dropped
altitude, making a five point landing onto the much too small
   Mary cackled at the newly perched ball.  "Neat trick, but
I told you the hole was too small!  You lose..."
   A flaming sledgehammer appeared above the ball then
swung, giving it a hard whack, squeezing the ball into the
tiny hole.
   Mary sneered; "Cheater!"  She yelled into one of the
video cameras--two of which were perched in each of the four
corners of the game, "Did you see that?"
   Kaye-Boom gave her a smile, then picked up his newly
acquired stuffed prize and walked off in search of a more
suitable mind to borrow thoughts from.
   "I'm not in the mood for this!" Mary yelled after him.