'Ten Minutes Late for Reality' by Lou Morris (c) 1988, 1989, 1991, 2002, 2015. Thirty-nine:



                                 - Last remark by the driver
of a Fiat convertible that
cut off an oil truck then

   To the relief of both Lou Morris and Shae-doe, the big
explosion was not Kaye-Boom destroying something but merely a
big oil tanker truck careening into a subcompact convertible.  
The flaming wreckage took down a few telephone poles before
smashing to a halt on top of a black late model Buick Grand
   "Well," Lou sighed.  "Now where do we look?  Corbin said
he seen him near Death Adventure but he could've been lying,
or just insane."  He leaned up against a parking lot sign.
   "Corbin?  ...Oh you mean thy Dead Eye," Shae-doe said.
   "Now wait a second... time travel is one thing, but I
definitely don't believe in demonic possession."
   "'Tis no matter.  We must concentrate on finding
Kaye-Boom.  Mayhaps he is present but invisible to thy naked
eyes."  Shae-doe began squinting in all directions.
   "Nah, Kaye-Boom isn't that smart.  All he does is prance
around, setting lots of things on fire.  Once in a while he'd
yell something like, 'Fire-Ball' or 'Helio,' but that's about
it.  Remember, I used to be him, sort of."
   "Granted, you may be correct, but please don't say thy
H-word anymore; it upsets me to hear such language."  
Shae-doe dejectedly sat down on the nearest curb.  He watched
a big red metal machine roar by, flashing multi-colored light
spells.  It whined an awful battle cry.
   "Oh, sorry," Lou apologized, watching a fire-truck drive
by.  "I remember once he said the H-word in a campaign
adventure in the city of Asgard.  Destroyed the city and
killed his pixie familiar as well.  Just as well..." Lou
continued, making circles in the sand with his foot.  "About
the pixie, I mean.  All he did was play practical jokes on
everyone.  Got to be a real--"
   "Didn't ye just tell me this same tale before?  In our
last chapter, I believe," Shae-doe interjected.
   "Sorry.  I seem to ramble on when I'm trying to fill
space," Lou rambled.  He looked, once again, around the
hospital parking lot for Kaye-Boom with less-than-little
   "Just don't tell any more horror stories about thy
wacky-warlord and 'twill be fine," Shae-doe added.
   "Hey!  Why don't you cast a spell to try and locate him?  
A clairvoyance spell or something of that sort," Lou
   "Good idea!" Shae-doe remarked.  "Be quiet for one
moment, please."
   Lou was silent.  The accident scene, however, wasn't.
   Shae-doe just sat and stared at a nearby stop sign, or
rather sat and stared through a nearby stop sign.  He blinked
then yelled, "I saw him!  I saw him!"
   "Yeah, yeah.  Go on," Lou edged, waving his hands around.
   "I saw him talking to some blonde girl in a stand or
stall of some sort.  There was a sign over the stand; this
can't be right, but I think it read 'Milk Can.'" Shae-doe
   Death Adventure! Lou thought.  Corbin was right.  
Kaye-Boom could have a hell of a time there, blowing up
rides.  He smiled then frowned.  But who was that blonde
girl?  No.  It couldn't be her.  "Tell me about the girl,"
Lou asked.
   "Dirty blonde hair--didn't look washed.  She wore a green
shirt and a badge of sorts.  The badge read 'Mary,' I
   It's her, Lou thought.
   "Do you know where Kaye-Boom is?" Shae-doe asked.
   "Yep.  And I bet he's having a ball with his present