'Ten Minutes Late for Reality' by Lou Morris (c) 1988, 1989, 1991, 2002, 2015. Nineteen:


   "This next chapter may contain scenes that contain nudity
(hopefully) and may be objectionable to certain individuals.  
Reader discretion is advised."

                                 - Lou Morris--the  

   "No big deal, Lou," Lou told himself reassuringly.  "I'm
just still dreaming.  That's it.  I just didn't wake up yet.  
You're just part of my overactive and perverted imagination."
   "Uh, I beg to differ," said the strange and
semi-transparent house guest.
   "But--Wait a second."  He squinted at her opaque form.  
"Now I recognize you.  Hi, Laurie.  Sorry I didn't notice."
   "That's okay, Lou dear.  It's been a while since high
school.  You were never good with names," she said, taking a
seat on his bed.  She glanced at the backlit digital clock on
his nightstand.  It was a little after nine o'clock.
   Lou smiled then frowned.  "Uh, why are you here?  And why
can I almost see through you?"
   "I'm a ghost..." Laurie started.
   "Oh.  That makes sense," Lou added, slamming his head
lightly into the wall behind him.
   "And a wizard sent me here."
   "I'm losing it, you know that."  Lou shook himself, then
slunk back down into bed.  He pulled the covers up to his
   "I know this doesn't make much sense, but you have to
believe me--"
   "I believe you; it's just that I'm having trouble
believing reality these days," Lou admitted.
   Laurie scooted over closer to Lou.  "So what's new?" she
asked, patting his covered knee.
   "Oh, I don't know... My girlfriend broke up with me, uh,
I got fired from D.A., and, uh, oh, how could I forget, some
fat guy stole my car."  Lou frowned then smiled, "Now I'm
talking to the ghost of my former high school friend.  That's
all, nothing spectacular."
   "It's better than my day; being abducted by a
super-natural spirit from another world, locked in a cell,
then blown up by a fire wizard... not a fun way to spend a
day."  She frowned at Lou, "My boss will probably fire me for
   "Like it really matters at this point..." Lou said.
   They laughed.  "Good point," Laurie added.
   "So how are you doing at Bucks County College?" she
asked, "You must've spent a lot of time there; I haven't seen
you around since last summer."
   "Yeah, B.C.C.--Bucky High."  Lou laughed, "It's a joke;
high school was harder than this; one of these days I should
try studying or actually opening a textbook or something.  I
haven't gotten my grades yet--I just finished the spring
semester a few weeks ago..."  He shifted, sitting up against
the wall.  "So, how's the horses?"
   "Gypsy isn't doing so well--no energy.  I don't know..."  
She watched Lou get up and open the window blinds; a shaft of
light stretched into the room, alighting on the fuzzy blue
carpet.  She looked back at Lou.
   "Better," he said, opening the blinds a bit more, letting
more of the flickering streetlight into the room.  He looked
at Laurie, who was looking at him, then back out the window.  
"The moon is up," he commented.
   She giggled.  "So is something else..." Laurie slyly
commented, gazing farther down Lou's body.
   Lou looked down as well--no clothes.  He smiled,
blushing, then quickly slid under the covers.
   Laurie slid closer to him, smiled then gave him a hug.  
He half expected to slide through her, but for some strange
reason she was as real as he was.
   Lou fell into her eyes, then said, "I always wondered if
you just liked me as a friend or maybe someone more."
   "I've always liked you, Lou."
   "I remember asking you if there was something wrong with
me.  You said I was a sweetheart."
   She smiled and nodded.
   "You also said I was stomachable."  He was also going to
add, "What did you mean by stomachable?  That you could eat
dinner with me and not throw up?" but decided against it.
   She shrugged then said, "Sounds like something I would
say...  Looks aren't everything; I know that now."
   Lou smiled then said, "I guess some people mature a lot
faster when they're dead."
   They laughed.
   They kissed.
   They kissed again.
   They kissed some more.
   "I've never made love to a ghost before..." Lou
   "Well, there's always a first time..."
   Fade to black...